we exist to publish + promote the work of lesbians. your work does not have to be defined by this. we do not have strict submission guidelines- we are happy to publish any kind of writing (prose, poetry, nonfiction, whatever you like to write). our priority is written work, but we will consider at submissions in any format.

we also ask that you limit your submission to not more than 1,000 words (or up to 3 poems). we are happy to publish longer pieces but we can only promise to read that much of your submission – just let us know that you are sending part of a larger work !

we do not need to be the first people to publish your work, and we welcome simultaneous submissions. at this time we cannot compensate you for digitally published work.

send your work to us at . please attach the piece or pieces as a pdf. please do not send a bio – all we want to see is your work ! we will do our best to read and notify you within two weeks – if we haven’t responded, feel free to email us !

we can’t wait to see your work !

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