Angel numbers

I sleep in a room with two beds. I sleep angry. My mouth shrinks from the cold. Roaches nest in … More

Hadley, MA (Love Dogs)

PACE ERIN KNOWLES-DONNELLY is a multidisciplinary artist based in the Pioneer Valley of Western Massachusetts. She works primarily as a … More

Scrub Pine

the low whine of a mosquito rings deep in my right ear even though I’ve pulled my sleeping bag very … More

Mourning Routine: Two Parts

Mourning Routine: April stretch towards the mountains. coffee, black. fruit. a cigarette. four books planted on my quilt(I procrastinate like hell)  … More

mother of swords

my lips are moving and i’m ready to wait outside for the partyto be over. my fists meet skin and … More

Apply to what You Will

it is dark in the background and is there. not waiting, Watching. You. the things You Are and Do. … More