Tell Me I May Belong Where I Say I Must

in My mustache, will I be shunned by You?
Your lips, Your lips, Your lips, are My lips too!
Problematic Innuendo, i know.
but My argument can not be made here
without treading on Toes and Tongues, i fear.
apologies, apologies, to You.
so what are the Rites, and what are My Rights;
do You not know Your Fights are, too, My Fights?
Altruistic Feminism, Guide You.
I am Bleeding, I am Scarring for this;
This New Flesh is but Venus with a Fist.

TAYLOR PRIEST is a non-binary lesbian whose work reflects and highlights life as a queer, trans-identified person. Taylor works as a substitute teacher and is currently studying to become a high school English teacher. They live with their partner and their two beautiful cats in a small town fifty miles south of Washington, DC.

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